Inside the box with the lid open

Do you have noise restrictions in your area relating to flushing the motor of your PWC? Would you like to flush your PWC and wash it whilst at the boat ramp so that you can come home at any time, park the trailer and be done when you get home? This kit will enable you to do it. Simply choose the size of flexible water tank you need in the back of your car or 4WD and bring your Full Wave EASY flushing box with you. The Full Wave Easy Flushing box is a "tool box size" case which has a 20 liter per minute 70 PSI pump built in along with a 19 amp our battery. You simply quick connect the hose provided with the adjustable nozzle to one connector, connect the shorter hose included in the kit to your flexible water tank, switch the pump on, and away you go!

We have used nothing but the best quality pumps with pre-filter's to protect it, the pumps can run dry without damage, Anderson plugs which provide zero loss connections and high quality hose.

The hoses and fittings have been sized, bored and tested to perfectly match the requirement of the cooling needs to ensure the "pisser" runs when the jetski is on a level surface... there is plenty of power when the nozzle is attached for washing the ski down... this will reduce your wash down times so that when you get home, you just park your toy in your garage and it's done

This is a very tidy solution


The box all closed up